What A Deal…

I have been very busy working with buyers throughout the Bay Area. Lending has been a big hurdle for the past few years because of all the changes to our market. People are struggling to come up with the right down payment or have good enough credit to qualify. Prices are at an all time low and it is becoming cheaper to buy then it is to rent. Today I was with my clients at their sign off and I saw what a great loan they received on their new home. US Bank gave them a conventional loan with only 15% down and gave them a 5% Equity Line of Credit so that the buyers could avoid mortgage ... Read More ›

Building a house

Home Remodeling – Plan Like A Pro!

Everyone tends to tread the kitchen remodel, room addition or any home improvement that can be costly and stressful. There are the “do-it-your-selfers”, the “bargain hunters” and the “just do-it-all” homeowners out there. The key is to find middle ground with good thought process. Here are some helpful tips from personal experience and several first hand stories. First you must be patient and plan it out… Take the time to visit all the home improvement stores in your area and look at the many samples of products for your desired project. Most of the larger manufactures have ... Read More ›

HAFA Certificate

Home Affordable Programs

With these very difficult times many of us are in need of assistance with our current mortgages. There are some great programs out there to help you stay in your home or sell it if necessary. These are all alternatives to foreclosure and they are part of the new Government Home Affordable Programs. I have been certified to assist homeowners with these options. If you or someone you know could use my help, please contact me for a confidential conversation. You can email me at .   ... Read More ›