We feel so fortunate to have been guided by Erick Fernandez for the purchase of our Los Gatos mountain home. He has been a godsend and we expect the friendship we forged over this transaction to last forever. Erick has been kind and sincere, very patient with our insecurities throughout this sometimes byzantine process, always upbeat and supportive. And honest as the day is long. His knowledge of the market and mountain communities from Santa Cruz over to Saratoga, from Bonny Doon to Las Cumbres, comes from living in and driving these roads all his life. We recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a home in this area. Thank you Erick.

Home Buyer who closed April 23, 2016
Los Gatos, CA 95033

Erick stayed on top of things all the way to closing. He was knowledgeable, honest, not pushy, easy to talk to and work with, and he was always on time when seeing houses. We were able to close in 21 days. Unlike other agents I worked with before, Erick actually puts effort into helping you in the process. Erick is the first realtor I know whom I feel the service is worth the commission, and I do have high standards. I highly recommend him!

Home buyer who closed Mar 10, 2014

Erick is one of the few people left in this world that actually knows what customer service is and how important it is to clients. Not once did he not take a call from me, not once did he not reply to an email right away, not once did not do what he told me he would do. Erick is truly a professional, and a person that means it when he says his word is his bond. I will use Erick for the rest of my life as he gets it done, and makes all the worry, hassle, etc go away from his clients

House buyer who closed Jan 11, 2013
421 Ridgefarm Dr, San Jose, CA 95123

Very helpful and friendly. Recommended several mortgage brokers, home inspectors, home cleaners, etc. Didn’t always go with his suggestions but it got me headed in the right direction towards the vendor I eventually used. Took me to see about 30 houses, always very prompt, polite, and helpful.

Home buyer who closed Feb 10, 2012
Santa Teresa, San Jose, CA 95138

Erick was great! He was flexible with his schedule, and kept me informed with what was on the market. He did not pressure me and made sure I was happy with my decision.

Condo buyer who closed Jan 13, 2012
Rengstorff, Mountain View, CA 94040

Erick is very helpful, provide all the necessary information in a timely manner. I really like work with him.

Condo buyer who closed Dec 30, 2011
Milpitas, CA 95035

Erick was a pleasure to work with. We are low key people and we felt very comfortable working with him. He listened to our needs. He was always there when we needed him. We felt he was truly …our advocate. He was not always a yes man. He was willing to share other views and suggestions.

Condo buyer who closed Dec 21, 2011
1111 Niguel Ln, San Jose, CA 95138

Erick, helped us through the whole short sale process. Answering all of our questions no matter how small. His knowledge in dealing with our lender really helped get our home sold….

Seller who closed Nov 10, 2011
4335 Freedom Blvd, Aptos, CA 95003

I am a Redfin power-user, and thought long and hard about whether to use a Redfin agent (and get the 50% rebate) or a Partner agent (and get a 15% rebate). In the end, I chose a Partner agent, Erick Fernandez, and thought it was the best of both worlds. In the end, even though I found the home myself (using Redfin.com), I was very happy with my choice to use Erick and would highly recommend him. Below is the story. I first found Erick when I placed a bid on a short sale. At that time Redfin did not do short sales and referred customers to a partner agent. There were 2 partner agents listed. Erick had less experience, but I saw that he had contributed some answers to the community board, and I thought he’d be hungrier for the business so went with him. The short sale didn’t work out, and in my ongoing search I decided to stick with Erick rather than go back to the Redfin model. In working with a full service agent, yes, they drive you around and can set up searches for you, but to me, that didn’t matter much. I still used Redfin to find the homes I wanted to see. The single reason I am happy to have worked with Erick is that in the process of buying real estate, I learned that it’s not as simple as just offering the most money for a home. In the process, I realized just how important it is for your agent to build a good working relationship with the selling agent. As I see it, the selling agent can play a key role in persuading the seller, and if your agent builds a good relationship with the selling agent, that can make all the difference in getting your offer accepted. Erick did a masterful job at that. We couldn’t have asked for more, and we don’t feel that we would’ve gotten that experience from a standard Redfin agent. It was 100% worth getting a lower rebate for. Without Erick’s skill, I don’t think we would’ve gotten our home for the price we paid for it. He did an excellent job for us. And certainly, on top of that, Erick is responsive, he is not at all pushy, and he provides very good advice. At one point he pointed out a negative aspect of a home that my wife and I hadn’t thought about, and it turned out to be very important. As first time homebuyers, he was very good with hand-holding us through the process. We are very happy we chose to work with Erick.

Townhome buyer who closed Oct 13,2011
Downtown, Saratoga, CA 95070

Erick is an awesome real estate agent. Extremely helpful and even after my purchase, he is still helping with contacts I need for repairs, renovations, etc. Erick is great at researching good neighborhoods, and the type of homes I preferred. He’s very patient and never pushy. He allowed me to take my time and make a good decision. Most of all, Erick is honest. Every house we looked at, he gave his opinion and pointed out problems in each home and advised me of the possibilities of substantial costs to repair. I had two other realtors in different areas in northern Cali, and got rid of both because they lack the knowledge, quality, and honesty factor that I was looking for in an agent.

Home buyer who closed May 31, 2011
Blossom Valley, San Jose, CA 95123

My husband and I are fully appreciated all Erick’s work to find our first dream home in San Jose. I made an excel spreadsheet for my requests for our ideal home location, floor plan, ideal neighbors, budget, etc. He followed our requests as close as he could find out it. He took us to several locations every weekend as tour guide, showing us around in San Jose. It made it so different too! He did not just not show one house by using a website which other Realtors will do. Three reasons you should contact him because first he is fast to answer any questions included neighbors, restaurants, schools. And second, he has a great heart and friendly. A third, he never pushed us to “buy” a house. My husband and I have truly enjoyed the last three months until we bought a house. Even through, he is still contact us to make sure that we are happy living in our new house!! He is honest, friendly, kind. He is the best San Jose Realtor!! I know if someone asked me for a Realtor, I definitely will recommend “Erick.” We are big fan of him!

Home buyer who closed April 14, 2011
San Jose, CA

Erick is great. First, he got my wife and I familiar with the local real estate market and neighborhoods. Then he took us to several homes that were available on the market. This was very time consuming for him and my wife and I, but he eventually narrowed down our search to one home. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to purchase real estate in the SF bay area.

Home buyer who closed April 1, 2011
6483 Purple Hills Dr, San Jose, CA 95119

We were first time home buyers and found Erick after checking out some listings on the San Jose Real Estate website. Erick contacted us after we submitted a contact form there. He was really easy to work with and very professional. Erick took us to a few houses that we selected from the SJ website. After we saw a few homes, he picked up on what we liked and didn't like, so that the second time he took us out, he had 10-15 houses picked out that were right up our alley. I thought we would have a really hard time trying to find a place in the bay area that was affordable, but in the end we got a nice 4br/2bath home in South San Jose that was in our price range, with enough left over to remodel some things. Erick was great in that he was ready to help us out at any time. One night we got a call that a great property was back on the market, and since it was one we had been interested in, he took us to see it around 8 or 9pm. We didn't end up winning that bid, but it was great that he was willing to show us around after hours. Even though people are claiming that the market is bad, we found that houses in the lower price range were selling fast due to the tax credit and whatnot, so it helped to have someone that could move fast on properties to keep us in the game.
I think we put down 4 or 5 offers on different places throughout the process. In the end, we ended up getting the house we wanted and we couldn't be happier. We have done a bunch of work since we closed and it is awesome. You definitely love a place that you've put your mark on. I will gladly recommend Erick out to friends and family. Happy house hunting!

Home buyer who closed Dec 20, 2010
San Jose, CA

Erick is a genuinely great individual. He transcends this attribute to the way he conducts business with his clients. He cares about his clients and it is clear in the way that he offers his time, patients, and full and undivided attention to not only the business transaction, but to the lifestyle and needs of his clients. He does not go for the quick sale for the sake of personal gain; he tries to fit his clients to the property that is best for them. He is open, honest and straight forward. He does not try to hide the truth or build false pretenses, and for that I have the utmost respect for him and I look forward to one day doing business with him again in the future.

Home buyer who closed Nov 17, 2010
675 Serenade Way, San Jose, CA 95111

Being a very nervous first time buyer, I found Erick Fernandez as my realtor to be very calm, on the ball in getting things done intelligently and very professional. He made my buying experience go smoothly, efficiently and quickly. I am very grateful to Erick for calming my nerves and making my first time buyer experience a very pleasant one! I love my very own beautiful home! I would recommend him to any buyer or seller knowing that they will get quality service!

Home buyer who closed Jun 18, 2010
100 N Rodeo Gulch Rd Spc 111, Soquel, CA 95073

We used Erick both to short-sell a property and to also buy a short-sale. The process (we were told could take 6-12 months) was, although stressful, completed in under 6 months and that was a total relief. Erick dealt with the banks for us and, we feel, did what he could to get everything moving as smooth as you could considering we were dealing with 2 short-sales.

Home buyer who closed Mar 18, 2010
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Erick was very enthusiastic and very motivated to work with this property until the sale was finalized. This property was part of a three home trust sale. Each was handled with expertise and I would recommend Erick to anyone desiring an effortless sale.

Home seller who closed Mar 4, 2010
358 Orchard Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085