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The TurnKey Difference

What makes TurnKey Mortgage Solutions different than the next mortgage lender?

The requirement that all of our loan agents complete a rigorous training process to become CERTIFIED MORTGAGE PLANNERS is the heart of our company and is what elevates our standards above the rest. This certification ensures that our professionals adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, are continually educated in the proper application of Mortgage Planning Strategies and are able to assist you in the important decisions ahead. We work hand in hand with our clients, their Financial Planners, Tax Planners and Estate Planners to streamline communication and efficiency. Our ability to incorporate these other professions into our mortgage planning process ensures that our advice IS sound and IS NOT counterproductive.

Our dedication to our client’s financial health is another mark of our uniqueness in the ever-changing mortgage industry. We don’t simply fund a deal and move on to the next transaction. By completing our Mortgage Planning Consultation, we learn about our clients and their specific long and short term financial goals. It is only after we understand this crucial information that we can responsibly recommend any type of financing options. Our mission is to help our clients identify their goals and ensure that the right loan features are selected to meet these goals. We monitor our client’s mortgages frequently to keep our clients well informed of changing Real Estate and Mortgage conditions and work with them to adapt quickly to “Unexpected Life Changes”.

Finally, TurnKey Mortgage Solutions has set standards to guarantee our performance. We guarantee an ON TIME CLOSING, ACCURATE GOOD FAITH ESTIMATES AND CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION throughout the process.

One step through our doors and you’ll realize that we are not in the loan transaction business. Our client relationships are far too important to us and are the bedrock of our business.


Philosophy of Lifetime Clients

Our “Philosophy of Lifetime Clients” begins and ends with us earning our clients trust for life. Our Core Values, which were created and are upheld by our entire company, is the foundation for all of our daily decisions towards excellence. We strive to maintain and add value to our client relationships now and into the future.



We will communicate openly, honestly, regularly and proactively with our clients to keep them informed as to the status of their loan and in doing so, reduce the stress that is associated with uncertainty.

Adding Value

We will be a conscious provider of sound fiscal advice, prudent to the situation at hand with our clientele. We will create mortgage solutions that complement our client’s overall financial strategy, allowing them to effectively accomplish both their short and long term goals. We will practice due diligence and maintain our fiduciary responsibility towards our client’s best interest. We will be experts in Mortgage Planning and our continued education will ensure attention is given to having a comprehensive understanding of our market and our responsibilities within it.


Above all, we will ensure our performance is deserving of our clients continued relationship. We will be reliable and trustworthy for our clients, our co-workers and our referral partners. We will follow and live by the “Golden Rule”, treat our clients as we would want to be treated. We will be a unified group that works well together and respects each other. We will work to provide positive impact not only within our business but also in our community.


We will give our clients the same advice and direction that we would follow if we were in a similar situation . We will decide, with corresponding actions, to maintain a high level of principles and values. We will treat everyone fairly and honestly and be transparent and responsible in all of our actions. We will choose what is right not what is easy or in our best interests.


We will be positive in our thoughts, speech and attitude. We will be compassionate and empathetic and provides a focus on understanding rather than passing judgment and placing labels on things or people. We will consciously choose what is most empowering rather than putting out negative energy on the event or person itself.


We will find balance between work and family life and be grateful for everything we have. We are grateful for the trust that is placed in us by our clients, partners and friends and understand that we do not exist without them. We will return the gifts that are given to us by taking steps to help one another grow.

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